• Youth Academy

  • Bike Rides

  • [L]earn A Bike

  • Youth Spokesman

  • Bicycle Safety Education

  • Bike Repair Workshops

  • Community Bike Rides

  • Bike Uptown

  • Advocacy

  • Micro Bike Share

  • Corporate Events

  • #BikeSafeLB

  • Bike Valet

Empact Communities

Our Mission

Empact Communities empowers, engages and encourages Long Beach residents, particularly in underserved communities, to use bicycles as a transportation and recreational tool to improve their overall quality of life.  Our mission is to create a safe environment where residents are empowered to positively improve their personal health, economy, environment and safety thereby benefiting the communities in which they live.  


Empact Communities is:

  • Connecting Communities
  • Creating Allies
  • Advocacy
  • Developing a Bike Program that includes:
    • Organizing a Community Bike Hub Bike Uptown 
    • Teaching Bike Safety and maintenance Workshops
    • Leading Community Bike Rides 
    • Establishing Micro Bike Shares 
    • Facilitating Teen Academies
    • Youth Spokesperson mentoring
    • Facilitating Bike Valet and Maintenance Services
    • Developing innovative social enterprise projects